About FAB

“I like to be creative, and there is something about art that I find incredibly beautiful and moving. As a writer, poet, and someone who likes to cook and explore, while spending time with those who inspire me, I wanted to be able to combine all of my loves into one place. Finch and Blue is that place for me, and I hope to bring all of my loves to you, and hopefully you are able to take something away.” – Hayley




WORDS – Finch and Blue was designed to be an inspiration ground for myself when writing, and a place to share my writing journey as well as published works with others interested in the same things. I’m a writer first but my other hobbies keep me very busy. You can link to Amazon page to purchase one of my stories, if you so desire!

FOOD – I have a hard time following recipes from other sites and typically end up “doctoring up” any recipe I find. I like to eat healthy and clean, but I’m aware of how difficult it can be to execute that while working a nine to five job, raising a family or keeping your house up to par, so I decided to share recipes that are both healthy and okay to indulge in when you have a moment of weakness. None of the recipes I share should be difficult, and although I try to make smart choices, some of the things I make feature butter and sugar. It’s okay to indulge.

INSPIRATION – I have friends who inspire me daily with their own triumphs and hard work, and I plan to discuss their amazing stories and accomplishments with you. Inspiration only does its job when it’s shared over and over, and I feel that all of my friend’s successes should be celebrated.

BOOKS – It’s no surprise that I’m a huge reader, so from time to time I plan on sharing my book reviews and interviews with other authors regarding their stories. I’ll also share some of my favorite book blogs.

The point of Finch and Blue is to inspire others while indulging in my own life, one day at a time. Share the story, and spread the love.