Welcome home, Saturn. Get ready to grow up.

(This is my first post on astrology, zodiac, and planetary involvement with energy, moods, and experiences. If this is not something you are interested in, you should probably stop reading now. In the future you will see some posts like this between recipes, mainly because I have a love for spiritualism and I think it’s important to share our love for what inspires us with whoever wants to explore it.)

2017 has been filled with peaks, valleys, and a lot of hiking. I mean this all in the hypothetical sense of the words. I didn’t do much climbing physically this year, but both mentally and emotionally, there were many times I was up and down, and back up again.

Let’s start with where we are currently at with the moon pattern, planet and zodiac relation.

As I write this, the moon is in Taurus (for a few days), and I typically feel most at ease during this time. I was born when the moon was in Taurus, so this is typically when I feel most inspired and calm. For most people, when the moon is here, we tend to feel stable or secure, and typically at peace with where we are in life.  Everyone slows down a bit, which can have consequences, as some people are slow to react to things that may need immediate attention. All in all, it’s regarded as a time of rest and planning for what’s to come. It’s a wonderful time to declutter, clean, restock things you may need for yourself or your home, or just handle routine and mundane actions. Once the moon leaves Taurus, it heads into Gemini which becomes a time when people feel the need to be around others and socialize. We become active again, sometimes to a fault as we will buy things that aren’t needed or become involved with unnecessary events or issues. It is the opposite of how we feel in Taurus.

The moon changes sign every few days, mainly because of its proximity to the sun. Planets further from the sun, will change what part of the zodiac they are in less those closest. Planets such as Uranus and Neptune for example, may not change their position in the zodiac for over three years. The shift in these planets happen maybe once or twice during a lifetime, and each shift effects people differently. Before I get into the shift of Saturn, I recommend you complete a birth chart to figure out exactly how these shifts will affect you. You may be a Taurus or a Capricorn in your sun sign, but you’ve got eleven other houses to consider, some of which may explain parts of your life to you in ways you didn’t know existed. My favorite birth or natal chart can be found on Café Astrology.

Saturn just left the constellation of Sagittarius, and is now entering its lengthy stay in Capricorn. Saturn typically stays in a sign for two to three years, and won’t make its return to Sagittarius for another 28 – 29 years. For most of my generation, this is our first transition into Capricorn, and as we leave Sagittarius, we can consider it a true transition into adulthood. Sagittarius is a traveler, and very exuberant in its lifestyle. When Saturn falls into Sagittarius, it tends to start to tame us down. Saturn is not a huge fan of Sagittarius because Saturn is the polar opposite of this sign. It will do whatever it can to begin to tame the sign, and depending on where Saturn falls in your birth chart, could have major effects on certain aspects of your life such as careers, relationships, and spirituality.

However you have been effected over the last few years, Saturn is now entering Capricorn and is ready to help anyone in their late twenties and early thirties, to essentially grow up. If Sagittarius was getting us prepared for what’s the come in adulthood, Capricorn is the time when these growths and developments go into effect. Capricorn is calm and focused, and with a planet like Saturn entering its realm, it’s like yin and yang. Pun intended, the stars align when these two come together, and Saturn feels very at home with Capricorn. (This is due to the fact that Saturn rules Capricorn.)

It’s a good idea to discover where Capricorn falls in your birth chart for you, as you will mainly feel the effects of Saturn in Capricorn deeper in this area of your life. For example, Capricorn for me, falls into my 8th house. The 8th house is complex and governs over money, death, personal views, and. Other random matters that have been added to this house. Research and understanding of where Capricorn falls in your natal chart, may help you to grow and blossom over the next few years specifically in these categories.

So what can you learn from and execute during this time? Regardless of where Capricorn falls in your chart, Saturn returning home will likely cause some major shifts in your views on responsibility, life, and where you plan on going from here. It’s best to understand that Capricorn is all about returning to your roots and finding out your true self. It is a time to really reflect on what you’ve learned over the years and will encourage you to implement what is most important to keeping you grounded. You will likely spend the next few years nurturing whatever you have planted, and it will become a sturdy indication of the rest of your life. All your life has been leading up to this point to bring you back home. Obviously, anyone in their late twenties and thirties are experiencing this shift for the first time in about 28 years, so they will likely resonate more with this than someone who is three or four. Although very young people may experience an overwhelming sense of home, they will likely get more out of this on the cusp of their late twenties. This is not to say that someone in their 40s to 60s won’t also feel an incredible shift as to where they are at in life as well. It’s definitely a change that what we have been experiencing for the last few years, and knowing this may hep you view this shift, as well as your choices, much more clearly.

For more on Saturn’s Return, birth charts, and a ton of other information on general astrology, zodiac, and house information, please visit CafeAstrology!

Good luck exploring your birth chart, and I hope you have experienced an awesome 2017. Here’s to 2018!



*This information is provided to you only as a tool to help you understand the possibilities and experiences of Saturn’s Return, and general astrology information. I am not an astrologist, this is just my interpretation of the event, and how I believe it can be implemented in your life. Belief in astrology and other realms of spiritualism, are encouraged and not pushed upon anyone. Opinions stated in this post are that of the writers and not of anyone else. Be positive and open to all walks of life. Namaste. *

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